For the Love of the Genre

Why do we listen to music?

Seriously. Why?

The short answer is there are a lot of reasons. The really short answer is there’s actually only one reason.

Think about situations in which we most often listen to music. We listen to music on long drives alone. We listen to music on long drives with someone else. We listen while studying, doing chores, running errands, walking, biking, running, reading, writing, working, working out, partying, chilling, thinking about something, or thinking about nothing at all. Or, most likely, some combination of the above.

So, where does the really short answer come from? What’s the one reason we all listen to music?

It might help to rewrite the list from a couple lines up: “We listen to music when we’re feeling [bored, stressed, peaceful, motivated, frustrated, hopeful, joyful, upset, nostalgic … and so on].”

We listen to music to make us feel different things. To either fit the way we are feeling or to alter what we are feeling. We like having our emotions manipulated. We love having our senses stimulated. Why else do we gravitate most to the music that arouses the strongest emotions within ourselves? It’s why we often dismiss the bands we dislike with the ultimate dig — “they just don’t do much for me.” For many of us, music is our drug, and our individual tastes for this drug vary as much as our temperaments and personalities.

That’s why reviewing music is undeniably subjective and infinitely frustrating — and that’s part of the fun. Everybody’s got an opinion and nothing is ever unanimous; it’s why we’ll be forever debating about what is “good,” what is “bad,” and whether the Stones were better than the Beatles (they weren’t). It’s why no one is ever “wrong” about anything, unless you like Pitbull. For us, it’s why this blog is so much fun and why we’ve decided to take a step back and reset our objectives.

We’ve realized there’s no point in forcing ourselves to listen to music we hate and then review it, so we’re shifting the focus of this blog from “reviewing new music at random” to “reviewing our favorite new music each week.” We already enjoy this new format better, and we hope you will too. Also, we’re doing away with the ratings system, because that’s dumb when we’re only reviewing music we love. Just assume everything is a 4- or 5-star.

You might think we’re taking ourselves too seriously, and to that we say, hell yeah we are! We’re ADULTS!

Also, enjoy yourself. We are.



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