Sucré — “A Minor Bird”

Sucre - "A Minor Bird"Sucré Bleu
By Eric Webb

Are you in your twenties and attracted to women? Oh, so you’ve had crushes on all the ladies from Eisley. Of course you have. It’s a generational touchstone.

The group’s youngest sister, Stacy King, just so happens to be married to Mutemath’s Darren King, which is an adorable alterna-rock-that-Christians-love match, to be sure. (Eisley sis Sherri is married to Max Bemis, so that’s a family Thanksgiving dinner you want to be at). And what happens when musicians marry?

The best Imogen Heap album that wacky Brit never made.

The Kings, along with multi-instrumentalist and friend of Mutemath Jeremy Larson, have come together to form Sucré, the dreamiest and lushest of side projects. With debut album A Minor Bird, the trio craft an eminently clear mission statement: Be beautiful.

Album opener “Hiding Out” immediately hits with the Heap similarities: ominous strings, plinking pianos, ethereal backing vocals, unusual song structure. There’s a lot of Explosions in the Sky wafting to the post-rock surface here, with big, dramatic orchestrations throughout. Stacy’s voice has a little of Regina Spektor’s quirkiness here, far more so than in any Eisley song. And single “When We Were Young” belongs on the Garden State soundtrack. I’ll have to work on getting a time machine.

“Troubled Waters” is about as dreamy as this Ambien-sponsored album gets, with more odd rhythms propelling it forward. “Chemical Reaction” marks the point at which Imogen Heap fades from A Minor Bird‘s flavor and a St. Vincent resemblance seems strikingly apparent. “Say Something” is a percussive showcase, with a circus march feel marking time.

The album closes with “The Cliff Waltz,” a wonderful, mostly instrumental coda that is tense and triumphant and unresolving. It makes the entire album all the more hazy and gossamer, as you will feel like you’ve woken up before finishing a particularly satisfying dream. (I hate it when that happens.)

A Minor Bird wraps itself in a strong sense of mood. It’s a stylistic album first and foremost, and that’s a sweet thing.

Eric’s Picks
(1) “Hiding Out”
(2) “When We Were Young”
(5) “Chemical Reaction”
(11) “Cliff Waltz”


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7 Responses to Sucré — “A Minor Bird”

  1. cooper417 says:

    Got my Springfieldian Mr. Larson in that, I’m looking forward to checking that out soon. I’ve heard lots of good things.

  2. kyleagregory says:

    This album is pretty good, if not terribly innovative. I love all the Dupree gals voices.

    Also, Max and Sherri have a project called Perma that you can listen to at

    On the Say Anything tour a few years ago, they were selling two song EPs in blank sleeves that had original drawings by Sherri on them, they were also signed by both of them. I have one, it’s pretty cool.

    • mattneric says:

      I agree, it’s not life changing, but it was far and away the best new release last week.
      And thanks for the link. I want to know what Max is like at Dupree family gatherings. Like, a lot.

  3. sunnymenagerie says:

    I want to know what powers those Eisley girls have…

  4. mskatykins says:

    So funny, started listening (not watching) and I was thinking, hmm, this is going to be chilled out and weird. Then realised it was a yoghurt advert. Ha! Nice song track that kicked in after! Weird video but cool instruments in the background and quite an unusual voice.

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