REC CENTER: Eric’s Three for 2/7/13

Let’s talk about love, baby. (Not about dying alone. Let’s table that one for now.)

Destiny’s Child — “Nuclear”

It’s not a Super Bowl bandwagon thing, cross my heart and hope Michelle Williams falls down on stage. This one has received steady play around mattneric HQ for a few weeks now.


Library Voices — “If Raymond Carver Was Born In The 90’s”

Ah, the sound of arrested development and pining after other people. That’s what your 20s are supposed to be, right? Right? Shut up, married people. No one likes you. Just kidding, but I’m not kidding about Canadian band Library Voices. They are the music of my soul. Feast.


Tegan and Sara — “Closer” 

I don’t even pretend that this isn’t the only thing I listen to nowadays. I just included the other two songs because you can’t make a list with one song.


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