REC CENTER: Matt’s Three for 2/7/13

Today I’m feeling unapologetically agressive. Here are three tracks I can’t stop bumping:

Coheed and Cambria – Number City

My favorite song off the newly released The Afterman: Descension. I listened to it about 20 times yesterday, no exagg. Normally I’m a sucker for songs that change key/progression from verse to chorus anyway, but Coheed getting funky with a brass section to boot? Ooooh, hecky naw. I can’t stop.

Killer Mike – Reagan

Maybe retroactively my favorite rap track from 2012. To paraphrase a good friend of mine, Killer Mike goes “hard in the *expletive* paint” on this one.

The Dead Weather – Treat Me Like Your Mother

Mostly because of the accompanying video. Great imagery. And The Dead Weather are still my favorite Jack White project.


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4 Responses to REC CENTER: Matt’s Three for 2/7/13

  1. TMatt says:

    I overlooked Killer Mike in 2012 as well. Big mistake.

  2. dickthespic says:

    As Meatloaf once said”two out of three ain’t bad”

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