REC CENTER: Eric’s Picks for 4/9/13

I’ve been fighting a battle since I was in elementary school. Namely, I would like to not have the same body shape as a sock filled with sand. I’ve always been a jogger because it doesn’t require complex motor skills or direct competition with other people, and lately I’ve been hitting the trail about every day. Here’s three songs from my jogging playlist.

New Politics — “Harlem”

Do not consider this an endorsement of New Politics as a band. I tried listening to more of their stuff, and it was the musical equivalent of having Flamin’ Hot Cheeotos and a sugar-free Full Throttle from the gas station for lunch. This song, though! You will lose control of your body.

Janelle Monae — “Cold War”

First things first: This is a fantastic video. Second things second: If you need a little emotional therapy to go with your cardio (I do, because I am a basket case), then this will fix you right up.

Vampire Weekend — “Diane Young”

I’m looking forward to the new Vampy Weeks album more than Christmas. If you could see my face, you would know that it’s very deadpan and completely sincere right now.


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