REVIEWED: Telekinesis — “Dormarion”

Telekinesis - DormarionSubtlety Is A Superpower
By Eric Webb

Telekinesis is a golden retriever. Singer-mastermind Michael Benjamin Lerner doesn’t want much from you. He just wants to you to throw the metaphorical stick of approval, and he will return with his no-frills Seattle emo-tinged power-pop. Or a dead bird. My family’s golden retriever would bring back dead birds a lot. Continue reading

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REVIEWED: IO Echo – “Ministry of Love”

IO Echo Ministry of LoveFreshman Orientation
By Matt

IO Echo’s debut album, Ministry of Love, is good. But it’s not very good. It’s a frustrating listen, because it reaches some exhilarating highs but draws up a sort of middling compromise between shoegaze and dark alt-pop in between. Unfortunately, it’s a compromise that renders the album wispy and unsubstantial as a whole instead of channeling the strengths of those elements.

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REC CENTER: Matt’s Picks for 4/12/13

It is a day for summery music, and also for unadulterated fun. These songs come with a money back guarantee.

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REVIEWED: The Story So Far – “What You Don’t See”

The Story So Far - What You Don't SeeHard Core Parkour!
By Matt

There’s been a swell in productive output from the “pop-punk-meets-melodic-hardcore” genre in recent years. Bands range from the more pop-punk (Fireworks, Transit) to the more hardcore (Set Your Goals, Title Fight, Such Gold). 2013 is shaping up to be a huge year for the genre, with Transit, Man Overboard, The Wonder Years, and The Story So Far all having put out an album or due to put one out. The last of these have one of my favorite pop-punk albums in quite some time with their sophomore LP, What You Don’t See.

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REC CENTER: Eric’s Picks for 4/9/13

I’ve been fighting a battle since I was in elementary school. Namely, I would like to not have the same body shape as a sock filled with sand. I’ve always been a jogger because it doesn’t require complex motor skills or direct competition with other people, and lately I’ve been hitting the trail about every day. Here’s three songs from my jogging playlist.

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REC CENTER: Matt’s Picks for 4/4/13

Man, it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these. But, it’s also been a while since I’ve had three good songs on such heavy rotation.

Part of me delights in having an obscure range of musical taste just for having an obscure range of musical taste, but mostly I legitimately can’t stop playing these songs.

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Matt’s SXSW Recap: Part 2

SXSW Music Banner 2

Continued from Part 1

SXSW has now been over for about a hundred months, and this is now completely irrelevant. But it’s also cathartic, so bear with me?


Since Thursday was the first day I didn’t have to volunteer, I got to sleep in a bit and still catch some excellent day shows.

First on the agenda was The Lone Bellow, whose brand of “Brooklyn country music” (their words) I gave a bit of a hard time earlier this year. Consider my words eaten – they were absolutely marvelous performers; the songs were earnest, the harmonies vacuum-tight, the passion real. These guys made my first ever trip to The Broken Spoke absolutely worth it. Must listen: You Never Need Nobody.


The Lone Bellow

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